Preppy Style: High School Chic, Upper-Class Girl Vibes

Get ready to rock the “Preppy Style” this summer, where sophistication meets playful flair!

Originated from the term “preparatory,” which refers to American prep schools, this iconic style draws inspiration from the classic ’50s student outfits. Back in the day, only girls from upper-class families attended these prestigious prep schools, where they were seen as well-bred, well-educated, and poised—a true example of the high-society lady. While this style gives off an upper-class, well-reserved girl vibe that captures academic brilliance, it also lends a slightly sporty edge that adds an extra layer of flair to the preppy fashion trend.

Here’s your go-to guide to nailing that perfect preppy vibe:

  • Polo Shirts or Button-Downs: Layer up with these versatile classics to bring a smart, charming touch that screams preppy chic.
  • Knitwear: Whether it’s a sweater, vest, or cardigan, these outer layers add a sporty, agile edge that creates an adorable multi-layered look.
  • Short Skirts: Plaid or solid-colored A-lines and pleated skirts give off a sweet, elegant schoolgirl vibe. Opt for subtle, non-flashy colors to keep it polished.
  • Loafers: Black loafers paired with knee-high socks bring that perfect blend of sophisticated and sporty.
  • Accessories: Add neck ties or bows for playful sophistication and top it off with headbands to capture that classic preppy charm.

Get your preppy essentials ready, and rock this look with confidence!



Summer is here, and so is a fresh, vibrant fashion wave straight from TikTok—introducing the Key West Kittene, also known as the Coconut Girl trend.

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